Atlas Therapeutic and its staff have implemented many new policies and procedures based on the recommendations and requirements of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Peterborough Public Health.

This includes enhanced COVID-19 screening procedures, increased cleaning and disinfection, and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (including masks and face shields) as well as the requirement for each client to wear a mask and it must cover your mouth and nose. We will be asking every client to bring a clean mask, either a single use medical mask or a reusable cloth mask, this is for everyone’s protection.  Many businesses are raising their prices due the increased costs of running a business during the pandemic, we are hopeful that we will not have to resort to this but will give fair warning if our pricing needs to change.

While our cleaning and disinfecting standards were high before COVID-19, the scope and frequency has changed. Where we were cleaning the door handles, bathrooms and any other area the client may touch/use multiple times a day, we will now be addressing those areas after every client, so we ask that you limit what you touch and let us know when you have used the restroom so that we can ensure that it is disinfected prior to another client’s use. This is in addition to our regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule which happens a minimum of once daily and includes the floors.

Our treatment rooms have always been disinfected (tables and face cradles, door handles, light switches, lotion bottles etc) after every client we will now doing a double clean and disinfection. We will be using ES15* in our treatment rooms, it has a 5 minute kill time, and because of this will need additional time between clients to ensure a thorough cleaning.

For our float rooms, our cleaning/disinfecting routine will now include a spray down of the entire inside of the cabin after each client, in addition to cleaning and disinfecting of every surface and object in the room. In our float rooms and tanks we use Quato 44* which has a kill time of 10 minutes. Our float tanks get a deep clean daily in addition to having the filter run after every client as well as hourly when not occupied. Everything else will be cleaned with Oxivir TB*.
*Our cleaners may change based on availability, but they will always be from the list of approved cleaners and be used as recommended by the manufacturer.

Hand hygiene has always been a priority in our clinic and happens before and after every client interaction and any cleaning/disinfection. We have always had hand sanitizer available at the front entrance and in every treatment room, and we ask that clients use it when entering the building as well as before and after treatment. The bathroom and hallway sinks are also available for clients to wash their hands.

To make your first appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic as stress-free as possible I want to outline how everything will be working with the new regulations and to keep everyone safe and healthy.

48 hours before your appointment you will receive an email with a COVID-19 Pre-screening Questionnaire. We ask that you please fill this out in advance, if we do not receive your response we will be calling to do this pre-screening over the phone. We also ask that you answer these questions honestly as we are trying to keep our clients, therapists and all of their families safe through this process. We do have clients and therapists who are at higher risk for complications if they contract this illness and we cannot properly protect them if anyone is untruthful. If you answer yes to any of the questions, or if your situation changes before your appointment we ask that you reschedule.

When you come to the clinic for your appointment we ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes early and do not bring anyone with you (unless you are the parent or guardian of the client, or the client requires assistance). We also ask that you limit what you bring into the clinic to only what you need.

When you arrive please text/call the front desk at 705-745-8869 to let us know you have arrived. We will ask if you have your mask with you or if you require one for your treatment. Our door will be locked to ensure control over the number of people in the clinic at one time.  We are limiting this to two clients in our reception area at one time.

We will have you wait in your car or outside until your therapist comes to collect you. When the therapist comes to get you please don your mask, your therapist to re-ask the questions from the COVID-19 survey to ensure nothing has changed, we ask that you be patient as this process is required and must take place before every appointment and we must go through the full questionnaire each time. They will also be taking your temperature with an infrared forehead thermometer. Once complete you can follow your therapist into the clinic. Please use the hand sanitizer provided as soon as you enter the building (or wash your hands) and let the therapist open/close doors for you.

You will be required to wear your mask throughout your treatment. Your therapist will be wearing a mask and any other Personal Protective Equipment (face shield, gloves, gown/change of clothes) based on your/their personal risk assessment, this is for everyone’s protection.

As mentioned previously, please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily and let us know if you have used the washroom so we can ensure it is disinfected prior to the next client using it.

After your treatment, your therapist will walk you out, they may ask you to wait in the hall or the treatment room if there are more than two people in reception to ensure physical distancing. We will make sure all of your information is correct and up to date so that if there are any changes to our procedures we can communicate this with you. Once the payment for your treatment is taken care of, please sanitize your hands and let our front desk staff open the door for you. Our front desk staff will then disinfect the debit machine and all door handles etc once you have left the building.

Every staff member will be required to answer the COVID-19 screening questionnaire and have their temperature checked each day before starting work to ensure client’s safety.

We are allowed to open our tanks and offer float sessions as long as it is part of your treatment plan (meaning you need to have another service with the float, just like when you are using your benefits to cover your float), OR you need a referral from your doctor or nurse practitioner or other regulated health professional if this is the route you are taking please bring a copy of your prescription/referral for us to attach to your file so that we are compliant with Peterborough Public Health requirements.

As part of the COVID-19 Contact Tracing Initiative from Public Health Ontario. Contact tracing is a process that is used to identify, educate and monitor individuals who have had close contact with someone who is infected with a virus. These individuals are at a higher risk of becoming infected and sharing the virus with others. Contact tracing can help the individuals understand their risk and limit further spread of the virus.

All the staff at Atlas Therapeutic want to thank you in advance for your patience and understand during this transition. We look forward to welcoming you back to the clinic and will keep you up to date on any new requirements or safety precautions we undertake to ensure your health and safety as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 705-745-8869, or by email at